Meredith GLASER


Executive Director of the Urban Cycling Institute, the Netherlands

Meredith Glaser serves as the Executive Director of the Amsterdam-based research and education non-profit, the Urban Cycling Institute, and tenured lecturer of urban planning at the University of Amsterdam.

Meredith’s academic and professional career is underpinned by her passion for fostering community, dialogue, and collaboration through learning and co-creation for advancing sustainability.

With nearly 20 years of teaching experience and a multi-disciplinary background in public health, urban planning and environmental design, Dr. Glaser brings a holistic understanding and honest broker approach to social inquiry and change.

Her academic research on and experience with cycling policy and city-to-city learning has advanced Dr. Glaser as a leading subject-matter expert and one of the most sought-after educators for professional development about Dutch cycling systems.

She directs the summer program Planning the Cycling City and co-developed the Coursera on-line course Unraveling the Cycling City, with over 20k enrollments.

She also serves on several boards, including CROW, a Dutch knowledge platform for bicycle policy, Bloomberg's Bici Program, and the Cycling Research Board. She received her PhD in urban planning from the University of Amsterdam, supervised by her colleague and long-term collaborator, Prof. Dr. Marco te Brömmelstroet.